Vote for 2016 Board of Directors Election

Fill out the form below to vote online. Online voting ends at the beginning of the PSP Annual Meeting at 11am PST on Saturday, July 16, 2016.

Please be aware, voting online cannot be anonymous as we have to verify your membership. If you wish to preserve your anonymity, please attend the 2015 PSP Annual Membership Meeting on Saturday, July 25 or submit an absentee ballot via mail.

Also please note that the Board of Directors, once elected, shall choose which specific officer will fill each position of the Board from among their number, as described in the PSP Bylaws.

The top 2 vote getters will receive 3 year terms.
The 3rd place vote getter will serve the 1 year remaining in the term of a vacated board seat.
Tie votes will be decided by flip of a coin.

Voting is Closed