Board of Directors Election Candidates

Allison Berke

I’m interested in generating more funding for community theater in Pacifica, and getting more local talent from Pacifica and the Coastside onstage at PSP! I’m also interested in expanding the sources of funding that we have, and the number of donors and philanthropic organizations who know about PSP.

How have you been involved with PSP in the past?

I’ve been involved with the board since June, and submitted a grant application.


Pamela Mackenzie

I would love to see PSP grow and glow as it has done in the past!! I was bummed to have to pause working with the team recently (on the Play-reading Committee) as my husband had 2 strokes back-to-back and I am his primary caregiver. The good news is he has amazed doctors and is recovering!! I am actually able to leave him home alone even now. So I am freed up to return to supporting PSP in as many ways as I can. I appreciate the open diversity perspective and, hope, If elected to the Board, I can help create an award-winning theatre company!!

How have you been involved with PSP in the past?

Long time involvement: performed: most recent: Words, Words, Words, A Doll’s House 2.
Some previous performances: Enchanted April, Self-written solo show Fat is a 4-letter Word; directed: Moon Over Buffalo. Served on Board as vice-president around 2010 or so; coordinated 50th Anniversary celebration. Also recently was on Play Reading Committee. Have assisted other directors in various capacities and helped with tech on The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (and had a role, too, in another production at PSP). I also attempted (briefly) to write grants for PSP. I submitted one but it was overlooked as awards were going to companies that were doing outreach to children.


Nichole Rousseau-McAllister

The PSP is such a special community, and I hope to continue to serve it in the role of VP of Finance. I hope to bring greater clarity and financial controls to this role.

How have you been involved with PSP in the past?

I grew up on the Peninsula, and I fondly remember coming to PSP shows with my mom when I was a child (I can recognize several of the shows from the old photos that line the PSP hallways!). As an adult, it’s a pleasure to come back to PSP and help the back of house “wheels turn” so that our little theater in the woods can continue its long tradition of providing enriching live entertainment to the coastside!


Jordana Wolf

I have loved being a part of this theatre the last few years, and I look forward to continuing to do so. The last couple of years have been difficult for theatre, and for an entirely volunteer run organization like PSP, that has been especially true. It is my goal to help PSP return to being a vibrant and thriving theatre community, and to work toward a more inclusive and equitable environment. I have been excited these last few months to put those goals into action as we have begun to put together our new season of shows, and am eager to continue that progress!

How have you been involved with PSP in the past?

I have been a member of the PSP Board for the past several years, and have performed in a number of productions at the theatre.

Heather Skelley

I first walked into PSP in the spring of 2016 for general auditions. During the callbacks I started talking with another actor and I said “it seems like everyone knows each other”. She responded, “yes, it’s a pretty small community”. My face must have fallen because she said, “but we love to have new people join us”. That was my experience that summer and it still is four years later. I am so grateful to join PSP and help welcome in other people who are new to theatre, or returning after many years away (like I was). I’m looking forward to helping PSP grow and thrive, helping out where needed and getting to know each and every one of you who are so valuable to our little theatre.

Adrienne Herro

I’m thrilled to be involved with PSP, and am hoping to help bring live theater to the stage.

How have you been involved with PSP in the past?

I’ve performed on the PSP stage, seen several productions, and have served on the board for a few months.