Our Mission:

To provide an open, enriching, and supportive environment for the cultivation of art and artists. We strive to reflect what we value most: community, inclusivity, and accessibility. As a volunteer-led, not-for-profit organization, we are driven by a team of passionate and dedicated board and committee members who love theatre and want to see it thrive. 

Our mission is upheld by the following values:

Community: Rooted in more than 60 years of producing live theatre for the Coastside community, we aim to foster those deep ties within our local community while actively working to forge new bonds with artists and theatregoers from the greater Bay Area.

Inclusivity: With new lenses that acknowledge civil unrest, racial inequity and injustice, we are working hard to reconstruct and strengthen our methods of community building so that all may find respite in the performance arts and its ability to translate humanity into a language we can all relate to. As such, we are committed to examining our company’s history of upholding cultures of White Supremacy and implementing policies to ensure we uphold an inclusive, anti-racist theatre environment.

Read more about our anti-racist plan

Accessibility: Pacifica Spindrift Players is motivated to cultivate a theatre environment that encourages discovery and participation. We are continually examining ways to reduce barriers so that we can foster a rich and diverse theatre experience for artists, staff, and audiences and offer a larger breadth of perspectives, storytelling, and learning opportunities. We believe art should belong to everyone.