Know Before You Go

Here are some useful tips to remember when booking your tickets and coming to a PSP show! Following these hints will help you and others have an even more enjoyable experience at the theatre before, during and after the show.

No show is complete without an audience. Your attendance is just as integral to the show as the actors and other artists. Therefore it is important that you don’t miss your entrance, so we strongly recommend that you arrive at the theatre EARLY (no later than one half hour before show time) for three reasons:

PARKING – The theatre is on top of a rather big hill, and there is limited parking in the top parking lot. Once that lot is full patrons need to park their cars in the bottom lot and walk up the hill to get to the theatre.

AVOID THE LINE – There can sometimes be a long line at the box office of people picking up tickets. Getting to the theatre early will help you avoid the line.

REFRESHMENTS – At PSP we have an assortment of snacks and beverages for sale before the show and during intermission – and you can enjoy your refreshment in the the theatre while enjoying the show!

As a courtesy to the performers and other audience members, we request that you avoid entering or exiting the theatre during the performance, except in the case of an emergency.

Kindly turn off your cell phones, pagers, or watches before entering the theatre. Any person holding electronics that beep or make other noises during the show will be asked to come up on stage and do the hokey pokey in front of everyone (you think we’re joking…).

We hold auditions for each show, and we would love to have you come to one if you are interested in being on stage…while in the audience, however, we request that you refrain from having conversations during the show and leave the performance to the actors.

The cast is always eager to greet you after each show. To help us keep from having a crowd in our little lobby, we request you meet the cast in the Gallery. And on opening night, please join us for a champagne and sparkling cider Gala where we congratulate the cast and crew!