Accent Workshop – April 25

Accents are a skill that can make or break a performance, and require a great deal of training and practice.
Jason Bustos, PSP’s resident accent afficionado, has studied and developed a range of foreign accents for his stage performances over the years, ranging from Latin American to proper Victorian English, and he’ll be hosting a virtual workshop on April 25 for anyone hoping to improve their comfort with speaking in accented English on stage.

In this workshop, Jason will break down the essentials of developing the ear to understand your voice and diction to make the process of learning and absorbing a new character’s accent easy and effective for your audience.

After signing up, you’ll be sent a Zoom link to join the workshop virtually by email later this week.

In lieu of selling tickets to this event, we’re asking attendees to consider donating to PSP’s GoFundMe (click here) aimed at supporting PSP through the COVID-19 crisis. 

April 25, 2-4PM
Click HERE to sign up