Working Together Toward Change

As Pacifica Spindrift Players unwaveringly stands with the nationwide movement to actively and consciously speak out against institutionalized and systemic racism and violence against black people and other persons of color in our communities, we are also compelled to consider how we can be a force for change in our community and within our own theatre.

In addition to supporting outside movements and organizations that are actively working toward productive change, PSP has also been internally working toward developing new ways to actively support theatre artists of color, and to increase the diversity of our leadership.

PSP’s Annual Meeting of the Membership and Board Elections will be held virtually next month. This upcoming Election provides an opportunity for members from communities that are currently underrepresented on our Executive Board to run for election to our leadership team, since we recognize that real change can only come about when members from the communities we hope to reach have a seat at the table.

As such, PSP specifically invites and encourages Members from groups currently underrepresented on the Executive Board – including black Members and other Members of color, as well as trans and queer Members from LGBTQ community – to run for a position on the Executive Board, since creating a truly inclusive and diverse theatre requires having members from these communities at the table and in our meetings, in positions of theatre leadership.

The deadline to submit your Intent to Run application is June 25, 2020. To learn more about running for the Executive Board at Pacifica Spindrift Players, please click HERE.