I See Stars – Call for Video Submissions

Coming up this November, Pacifica Spindrift Players is developing an exciting cabaret of musical performances, to be streamed directly into our patrons’ homes. 

For the finale of this event, and as part of our goal of developing new ways to showcase our Bay Area theatre community’s art, passion, and creativity, we invite you (yes, you!) to perform in a group performance that celebrates the resilience, strength, and talent found throughout the theatre community in the Bay Area. 

Anyone and everyone is welcome to perform in a Bay Area-wide music video of “I See Stars” from the Broadway musical Mean Girls. Submit a video of yourself performing the song, with you singing (and/or dancing!) to the provided track. All video submissions will be incorporated into the music video. 

Just sing along with the provided sheet music and accompaniment, and bring you and your love of performing – no need for fancy video or recording equipment. 

Come play with us, invite your theater friends, and get back that magical feeling of theatre camaraderie! Even if you’ve never performed at PSP before, we are excited to get to know you.


Submission Instructions:

1. Here are a few resources to learn the song:

2. Once you’ve learned the song it’s time to video your performance!

  • The key is to send a video with just your vocals and the video, no backing track. (This is so we can edit the videos together and layer in one clear version of the accompaniment)
    • To achieve this there are two options:
      • Sing the song with the accompaniment playing on a second device withearbuds in so you can hear it while singing, but it won’t be recorded on the
      • Record your vocals separately in a program like Garage Band where you
        can take the accompaniment out after recording and send a vocal track
        along with a separate video of you lip synching.
  • Sing the melody line throughout, as noted on the sheet music (disregard the harmony/echoes on the original track). Feel free to perform it in whatever octave works best in your voice.

3. Submit your video via this Google Form: https://forms.gle/tHkYtvUVhCurFof6A

Self-Taping Tips:

  • Use a tight medium frame: think waist or chest up. We want to see your face and eyes!
  • Don’t have fancy lighting? No problem, natural light is great! Make sure you’re facing the light source so there aren’t shadows on part of your face.
    • Indirect natural light is best, and you’re filming outside, try to film yourself in the shade rather than the direct sunlight.
  • Don’t have a tripod? No problem! Try stacking up some books on a counter or stepstool to prop up your phone/camera.
  • The camera on the back of your phone is the best quality camera on your phone, and is superior to the selfie view or the webcam built into a laptop.
  • Feel free to look directly at the camera for this performance; we’re all about connecting with our audience for this song!