Alice In Wonderland

Directed by John Pantoleon

November 14 to December 13, 1997

The 5th production of the 1997 Season

Written by: John Pantoleon
Based on: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carol

Alice plunges down a rabbit hole and immediately becomes involved in a delightfully skewed and slewed world of illusion. Always she must listen to hear beyond the silliness and learn that all is not as it seems. A magical variation arranged by PSP’s own John Pantolion, com enjoy the whit and the humor, the song and the dance, but also recognize that the combination of fantasy, realism, gentle satire and logic that have made this story so popular over the years.

The Production Team

John Pantoleon Director
Julie Moore Music Director
Rosaleen Nardi Trinca Choreographer
Joyce Perkins Stage Manager
Candy Plato Costume Construction
Florence Surline Costume Construction
Katherine Surline Costume Construction
Muriel Watkin Costume Construction & Make-up Crew
Kathy Pantoleon Costume Coordinator & Make-up Designer
Karen Atkinson Make-up Crew
Joe Barros Make-up Crew
Corinne Cottrell Make-up Crew
Teri Delgadillo Make-up Crew
Janie Deovlet Make-up Crew
Rita Wolf Make-up Crew
Dottie Chenier Hair Designer & Make-up Crew
Ed Read Lighting Designer
Tara Shea Lighting Technician
Claire Kooyman Follow Spot Operator
Rick Deovlet Special Effects Designer
Etta Beller Prop Crew
Dolores Dornell Prop Crew
Pat Flagiello Scenic Artist & Prop Crew
Brian Perkins Set Construction Lead
Emile Duroncelet Set Construction
Tony Geraci Set Construction
Jack Magee Set Construction
Scott Perkins Set Construction

The Cast

Sean Harrold White Rabbit
Kathy Pantoleon Cheshire Cat
Ashley Larson Alice
Ron Smith Caterpillar
Casey Passmore Cook
Rita Wolf Duchess
Daniel Kats March Hare
Steve Marcotte Mad Hatter
Melanie Borba Dormouse
Janie Deovlet Tweedledum
Donna Drew Tweedledee
Kevin Wm. Meyer Humpty Dumpty
Roger Genereux King of Hearts
Arcene MacMahan Queen of Hearts
Dianna Collett Executioner
Joe Barros Knave
Rebecca Byrnes Soldier of the Queen's Honor Guard
Lisa Chapman Soldier of the Queen's Honor Guard
Sterling Wolf Soldier of the Queen's Honor Guard
Susan Davis Sergeant of the Queen's Honor Guard
Megan Mallia Sergeant of the Queen's Honor Guard
Lindsey Passmore Sergeant of the Queen's Honor Guard
Yaro Severn Sergeant of the Queen's Honor Guard