Four One-Act Plays: Ten Minutes with God / Shut and Bar the Door / Candle on the Table / I’m Herbert

Directed by Sharon Maffei, Pamela Ciochetti & Roger Genereux

April 11 to May 3, 1997

The 2nd production of the 1997 Season

Ten Minutes with God
Written by: Ed Staats
When God sits on a bench conversing with Man, the philosophy flies and the fun runs – but only for ten-minutes! Not preachy or sermonic, this ten-minute episode of a a bus driver has gone past his last earthly stop to arrive at his first celestial one, a bench in outer-space, where he has an opportunity to converse with God in a warm and often poignant way. Pacifica’s own and long-time PSP member Ed Staats.

Shut and Bar the Door
Written by: Tom Gray
A farcical bit of business based on an old English ballad. Merrie Olde England during the 13th century. A peasant housewife and her shepherd husband have a disagreement over who should shut and bar the door. The argument grows to ridiculous proportions and ends in a challenge.

Candle on the Table
Written by: Patricia Clapp
Three elderly women meet at a lunch table on their first day in a home for senior citizens. A candle placed there by the matron awakens different memories in each. The lunchtime conversation reveals some surprising aspects of the lives and personalities of the three women and culminates in a friendship and an affirmative decision.

I’m Herbert
Written by: Robert Anderson
A sketch about two old, old people sitting on a porch in a pair of rocking chairs and talking. Each has had one or more previous marriages and perhaps a few flings, but they are hazy as to details. In fact, they don’t always know which one the other one is.

The Production Team

Muriel Watkin Costume Designer
Candy Plato Costume Designer
Dottie Chenier Hair & Make-up Designer
Joyce Perkins Prop Designer
Alex Bootzin Music & Sound Designer
Ed Read Lighting Designer
Tara Shea Lighting Technician
Fred Eiras Set Designer & Construction
Brian Perkins Set Designer & Construction
Jason Perkins Set Designer & Construction
'Ten Minutes with God'
Roger Genereux Director
Cindy Skelton Co-Director
Joyce Perkins Stage Manager
'Shut and Bar the Door'
Sharon Maffei Director
Larry Lefcourt Assistant Director
Liz Carl Stage Manager
'Candle on the Table'
Pamela Ciochetti Director
Joyce Perkins Assistant Director
Joyce Perkins Stage Manager
'I'm Herbert'
Roger Genereux Director
Cindy Skelton Co-Director

The Cast

'Ten Minutes with God'
John Pantoleon God
Ed Staats Man
'Shut and Bar the Door'
Kim Rapson Lenore
Ron Smith John
Rebecca Davis Princess
Larry Lefcourt Thief
Steve Marcotte Jock (Sidekick)
Shaun Cashen Prince
'Candle on the Table'
Julie Mackaman Mrs. Hodges
Muriel Watkin Mrs. Bramson
Carol E. Glandon Miss Tolliver
Sydney Clark Mrs. Garrity
'I'm Herbert'
Ed Staats Herbert
Janie Deovlet Mrs. Herbert