1998 Season

Dad Fought Hitler, the Bottle, and Me

Directed by Mick Berry

February 20 to March 8, 1998

In this one-man show, San Francisco stand-up comedian Mick Berry explores his relationship to his veteran dad, while touching the hearts of those that lived during WWII.

Dial M for Murder

Directed by Jennifer Gauthier

April 10 to May 2, 1998

A murder missed frames the victim and how will the truth come out? Scotland Yard and the love of a good man culminate in a scene of almost unbearable suspense.

Shirley Valentine

Directed by Cathy Fithian

May 10 to May 17, 1998

Shirley Valentine: her hope and self-confidence badly shattered by school, marriage and life, she is reduced to talking to the kitchen wall as she dreams of completely different lifestyle.

Wild Dust

Directed by Candi Pickering

June 5 to June 27, 1998

Remember when the west was wild, the women were soft and the men were brave? Well, think again 'cause the worst dust storm of the 1800s is about to hit town and the men have all skedaddled leaving the women to fend for themselves!

The Lion in Winter

Directed by David Guilmette

July 31 to August 22, 1998

Sibling rivalry, adultery and dungeons - this play centers around the inner conflicts of the royal family as they fight over both a kingdom, as well as King Henry’s paramour during the Christmas of 1183.

Frankenstein 1930

Directed by Craig Cummins

October 2 to October 17, 1998

Harkening back to the original concept of Frankenstein, suspenseful horror, greater depth of character and a new and different love story - the final confrontation between the doctor and the creature produces a startling surprise.


Directed by Joyce Perkins

November 20 to December 12, 1998

Come one and all for this wonderful holiday tribute to music and mirth full of singing, dancing, and bits of comedy, all designed to bring you and yours Happy Holidays!