The Wizard of Oz

Directed by John Pantoleon

February 4 to February 26, 2000

The 1st production of the 2000 Season

Written by: Elizabeth F. Chapman and L. Frank Baum

Dorothy finds herself in the land of the Munchkins, and must journey to see the Wizard of Oz. Her path takes her past fantastic places, and endears her to the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Lion along the way. Each receives his dearest wish after the long journey.

The Production Team

John Pantoleon Director
Jiun Chyi Yew Music Director
Rosaleen Nardi Trinca Choreographer
Joyce Perkins Stage Manager
Brian R. Perkins Production Manager
Candy Plato Costume Designer
Dottie Chenier Hair & Wig Designer
Muffie Greco Witch's Hair Designer
Kathy Panoleon Make-up Designer
James Letchworth Make-up Designer
Jeffrey A. Knaggs Sound & Make-up Designer
June Delicno Make-up Crew
Nora Chikhale Make-up Crew
Rick Deovlet Special Effects Designer
Jack Magee Special Effects Designer
Ed Read Lighting Designer
Karen Atkinson Lighting & Prop Crew
Etta Beller Prop Crew
Troy Morris Prop Crew
Cindy Skelton Set Designer
Chris McGee Set Construction
Scott Perkins Set Construction
Graham Moloy Set Construction
Lucie Hager Set Construction
Debbie Skiles Set Construction
John Skiles Set Construction
Jeff Moroso Set Construction
Danielle Saville Set Construction & Crew
Steven Mattes Set Crew
Mike Keating Set Crew
Terry Nelson Scenic Designer
Jan Hatunen Scenic Painter
Veronica Wheless Scenic Painter
Pam Fornesi Scenic Painter
Demi Tsasis Scenic Painter
Greg Callaghan Scenic Painter

The Cast

Angela Travins Dorothy
Katie Skiles Toto
Candy Plato Aunt Em
Steven Mattes Hunk
Britt Morris Hickory/Gatekeeper
Michael Keating Zeke
Pat Ostovar Miss Gulch
Kirsten Morris Glinda
Kathy Pantoleon Wicked Witch of the West
Lucie Hager Scarecrow
Daniel Kats Tin Man
Jeffrey A. Knaggs Lion
Brendan Moroso Munchkin Mayor - Mal Feasance
Melanie Massey Munchkin Mayor's Wife - Mrs. Feasance
Erica Hamilton Munchkin Coroner - Morty Tician
Chelsea Glynn Munchkin - Sleepy Head Morning Glory
Ashley Larson Munchkin Lullaby League - Chrysanthemum
Alexa Rae Silvestre Munchkin Lullaby League - Lilac
Katie Hontalas Munchkin Lullaby League - Daffodil
Lacey Hontalas Munchkin Lullaby League - Lily
Stacy Hanssen Munchkin Lullaby League - Daisy
Sterling Wolf Munchkin Lullaby League - Azalea
Robin Kraft Munchkin Lollipop Guild - Bamboo
Drew Williams Munchkin Lollipop Guild - Bark
Rita Wolf Munchkin Lollipop Guild - Twig
Sarah Glynn Munchkin - Petunia
Stella Kraft Munchkin - Iris
Karina Maravelias Munchkin - Dahlia
Levi Morris Munchkin - Snapdragon
Devyn Saunders Munchkin - Rose
Alicia Theodos Munchkin - Primrose