Chekov in Yalta

Directed by Lennon Smith

June 29 to July 21, 2001

The 4th production of the 2001 Season

Written by: John Driver and Jeffrey Haddow

Confined in his villa at Yalta by illness in April of 1900, Chekhov receives a delightful visit by the Moscow Art Theatre. They have embarked on a provincial tour with the express purpose of persuading Chekhov to give them his latest play. Noteworthy characters include Stanislavski, Valdmir Nemirovich Danchenko, Gorky, Ivan Bunin and actress Olga Knipper who Chekhov, a confirmed bachelor, contemplates marrying even as he acknowledges his advancing consumption. The play is criss crossed with amorous triangles, battles of ego, high spirits and melancholic languor reminiscent of Chekhov’s work.

The Production Team

Lennon Smith Director
Mary Waterfield Stage Manager
Jim Fithian Set Designer
Jay Hartman Production Assistant
Candy Plato Costume Designer
Muriel Watkin Set Decor Designer
Sydney Clark Scenic Designer
Ed Read Lighting Designer
David Guilmette Sound Designer
Rick Deovlet Special Effects Designer
Dottie Chenier Hair & Wig Designer
Joyce Perkins Prop Designer
Rebecca Talsky Stage Crew
Angela Travins Stage Crew
George Mauro Set Construction
Chuck Danskin Set Construction
Kevin Kelly Set Construction
Jack Magee Set Construction
Mary Waterfield Set Construction
David Guilmette Set Construction
Candi Pickering Set Construction
Cathy Fithian Set Construction
Kurt Muehl Set Construction
Lisa Serface Set Construction
Connie Schlobohm Scenic Painters
Terri Nelson Scenic Painters
Jan Lomuto Scenic Painters
Maggie Piver Scenic Painters

The Cast

Maria Sokolova Fyokla
Anna Fabian Masha Chekhov
George Mauro Anton Chekhov
Glenn Havlan Maxim Gorky
Bill Hamlin Ivan Bunin
Cathy Fithian Olga Knipper
Robert Cooper Nemirovich-Danchenko
Erin Lonergan Lilina Stanislavski
Ed Staats Luzhki
Max Molina Moskvin
Chris Verrill Konstantin Stanislavski
Mary Waterfield Fyokla understudy