Towards Zero

Directed by Pamela Ciochetti

August 23 to September 15, 2002

The 4th production of the 2002 Season

Written by: Agatha Christie

A suspicious collection of family friends are invited to Lady Tressilian’s estate for a weekend – but which one murdered the hostess? This classic, fast-paced mystery from the queen of suspense will keep you guessing from start to finish as the events come to a head, and rapidly approach Zero!

The Production Team

Pamela Ciochetti Director
Mary Waterfield Production Assistant
Judy Martin Production Manager
Candy Plato Costume Designer
Dottie Chenier Hair and Make-up Designer
Ed Read Lighting Consultant
Mike Reynolds Lighting Designer
David Guilmette Sound Designer
Steven Mattes Board Operator
Rick Deovlet Special FX Designer
Christine Furnas Stage Manager
Eric Ribiero Prop Designer
Jim Fithian Set Designer
Cathy Fithian Set Designer
Bob Marshall Set Designer
Scott Daniel Set Construction
Robert Emerson Set Construction
Tony Geraci Set Construction
Bette MacDonald Set Construction
Jack Magee Set Construction
George Mauro Set Construction
Teri Nelson Set Construction
Sondra Estevez Set Construction
Lennon Smith Set Construction
Roberta Walker Set Construction

The Cast

Chris Verrill Thomas Royde
Judy McKie Kay Strange
Mary Waterfield Mary Aldin
Bill Clyde Mathew Treves
Scott Daniel Nevile Strange
Muriel Watkin Lady Tressilian
Diana Meistrell Audrey Strange
Edward Perotti Ted Latimer
Al Fischer Superintendent Battle, C.I.D., Scotland Yard
Jonathan Kolyer Inspector Leach, local C.I.D.