The Foreigner

Directed by Judy Martin

February 6 to February 29, 2004

The 1st production of the 2004 Season

Written by: Larry Shue

Discover the secret scandals among guests of a rural Georgia fishing lodge in this witty comedy of manners. Laugh along as Froggy, a visiting Englishman, convinces the other guests that Charlie, his painfully shy friend, actually comes from an exotic land where English is not spoken. As the guests drop their guard, loose lips lead to ever more hilarious revelations.

The Production Team

Judy Martin Director
Lennon Smith Assistant Director
Rita Wolf Stage Manager
Hunter Gilliam Production Manager
Shadi Ascarie Production Assistant, Stage Crew
Sterling Wolf Stage Crew
Candy Plato Costume Designer
Eric Ribeiro Prop Designer, Set Decor
Doug Brook Lighting Designer
George Mauro Sound Designer
Rick Deovlet Special FX Designer
Drew Campbell Harmonic Player
Levi Morris Board Operator
Nik Robalino Board Operator
Tony Geraci Set Designer
Jim Fithian Set Designer
Sydney Clark Scenic Designer
Todd McCune Bray Scenic Designer
Tony Geraci Set Construction
Jeff Schroeder Set Construction
Mary Schroeder Set Construction
Jay Thompson Set Construction
Rob Harris Set Construction
Bill Clyde Set Construction
Suzanne Doer Set Construction
Jim Nugent Set Construction
Mary DeLorenzo Set Construction
Scott Daniel Set Construction

The Cast

Louis Schilling S/Sgt. "Froggy" LeSueur
Drew Campbell Charlie Baker
Joanne Engelhardt Betty Meeks
Scott Daniel Rev. David Marshall Lee
Heather Galli Catherine Simms
Paul Wells Owen Musser
John Andrew Stillions Ellard Simms