The Miracle Worker

Directed by Kevin Wm. Meyer

February 20 to March 15, 2009

The 1st production of the 2009 Season

Written by: William Gibson

This stirring dramatization of the story of Helen Keller is one of the most successful and warmly admired plays of the modern stage. Being blind and mute, nobody knows what Helen’s fate might have been had she not come under the tutelage of Annie Sullivan, an Irish girl who had been born blind. The Miracle Worker is principally concerned with the emotional relationship between the lonely teacher and her blind charge. Little Helen, trapped in her secret world, is bitter, violent, spoiled and almost animal like. Only Annie realizes that there is a mind waiting to be rescued from that dark, tortured silence. Annie’s success with Helen comes only after some of the most turbulent, violent, and emotion packed scenes ever presented on the stage.

The Production Team

Kevin Wm. Meyer Director
Sharon Martinez Stage Manager
Candy Plato Costume Designer
David Guilmette Lighting Designer
Sterling Wolper Prop Designer
Adriana Martinez Booth Operator
Victoria Langlands Booth Operator
Mike Calderaro Set Builder and Painter
Randy Maynard Set Builder and Painter
Carey Nerad Set Builder and Painter
David Acevedo Set Builder and Painter
Sterling Wolper Assistant Production Manager
George Mauro Production Manager

The Cast

David Acevedo Doctor, Mr. Agnanos
Deirdre Finnegan Kate Keller
Lance Huntley Captain Keller
Isabel Roberts Helen Keller
Ted Keil Percy
Jane Deovlet Aunt Ev
Brendan Moran James Keller
Madison Desoto Annie Sullivan
Candy Plato Viney