2010 Season

And Then There Were None

Directed by Andy Hamner

February 5 to February 28, 2010

In this superlative mystery comedy, statuettes of little soldier boys on the mantel of a house on an island off the coast of Devon fall to the floor and break one by one as those in the house succumb to a diabolical avenger. A nursery rhyme tells how each of the ten "soldiers" met his death until there were none...

Coping Through Pain – A Stage2 Production

Directed by Elizabeth Fatum

March 19 to March 21, 2010

Susan is a woman who has a “unique” way of coping with stress and emotion - one of the most common, yet unaddressed, issues in our society is Self-Injury.

Delval Divas

Directed by Pamela Ciochetti

April 2 to April 25, 2010

Stella, Rosemary, Linda, and Beth have some things in common besides being educated, successful, professional women - they also share the same address at the Delaware Valley Federal Correctional Facility.The Divas indulge their lavish and luxurious lifestyles until a murderess moves in. And who ever said that crimes doesn't pay?

The Exonerated – A Stage2 Production

Directed by Lennon Smith

May 14 to May 16, 2010

A readers' theatre piece based on real stories of six innocent people convicted of murder and their respective journeys back to freedom.

12 Angry Jurors

Directed by Barbara Williams

June 4 to June 27, 2010

A man is dead - the life of another is at stake. A "guilty" verdict seems a foregone conclusion but one member of the jury has the will to probe more deeply into the evidence and the courage to confront the ignorance and the prejudice of some of his fellow jurors.

Electricidad – A Stage2 Production

Directed by David Acevedo

July 16 to July 18, 2010

Using the East L.A. barrios as the backdrop for this adaptation of Elektra, this modern twist on the Greek tragedy thrusts you into fits of laughter and catches your breath in moments of unimaginable sorrow.

Bye Bye Birdie

Directed by George Mauro

September 3 to October 3, 2010

Conrad Birdie is drafted into the army. His agent plans a farewell performance on the Ed Sullivan show, which he hope will bring his company out of debt. Birdie will give a kiss to a lucky girl from his fan club on national television.

The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge

Directed by David Acevedo

November 19 to December 12, 2010

Ebenezer Scrooge is back to his old ways and is suing Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future for breaking and entering, kidnapping, slander, pain and suffering, attempted murder and the intentional infliction of emotional distress.