BOXCAR (El Vagon) – A Stage2 Production

Directed by David Avencedo

April 29 to May 8, 2011

The 4th production of the 2011 Season

Written by: Sylvia Gonzales S.

Roberto is just doing his job and deporting illegal aliens along with his partner Bill. Meanwhile, six Mexicans and an El Salvadorian teen are riding in a hermetically sealed boxcar. They feel they are going to get across safely until the engine develops mechanical problems. The boxcar they are hiding in is left in the desert for many hours – will they survive? Winning Play of the 2004 MetLife ‘Nuestras Voces’ National Playwriting Competition, the author was inspired by a true story reported in 1987 about 18 undocumented immigrants who went through a similar ordeal in Texas.

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The Production Team

David Avencedo Director

The Cast

Ramon Bustos Manuel
Glen Caspillo Pepe
Sam Valenzuela Noel
Jason Bustos Huero
Mauricio Suarez Francisco
Steve Ortiz Roberto
Gary Pugh Newman Bill