Alice – The Musical

Directed by Henry Sellenthin

August 10 to September 9, 2012

The 4th production of the 2012 Season

Written by: Henry Sellenthin
Based on: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carol

Adults don’t take her seriously. Well, what’s a girtl to do? Alice decides to invent her own LAND OF WONDER so she can have fun and not be pushed aside until she’s more grown up. And what a world she invents. Ever see a BLUE DODO? How about pastel field mice – and that’s just the beginning of this magical fantasy tale.

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The Production Team

Henry Sellenthin Director
Gary Pugh Newman Assistant Director
Emily Simpson Choreographer
Shannon Quinn Stage Manager
Carson Duper Lighting Designer
Jared Alexander Sound Designer
Henry Sellenthin Set Designer
Mike Calderaro Master Carpenter
Sterling Russell Backstage Hand

The Cast

Jamie Pugh Newman Alice
Sarah Lodick Narrator
Isabel Schroedel White Rabbit
Joanie Pugh Newman Cheshire Cat
Deborah Joves Dodo Bird
Mike Fatum Mad Hatter
Sage Russell March Hare
John Espejo Catterpillar
Louisse Geronimo Cook
Lindsay Kelliher Queen of Hearts
Storm Russell King
Sterling Russell Knave
Michael Lodick Painting Card 1
Gina Schmidt Alice’s Sister, Painting Card 2
Erin O'Brien Fa'ataui Duchess, Painting Card 3
Audrey Joves Doormouse, Field Mouse
Constance Joves Field Mouse
Alanna Fa'ataui Field Mouse