Two One-Act Plays: Time Was / Partitions – A Stage2 Production

Directed by Barbara Williams

September 14 to September 16, 2012

The 5th production of the 2012 Season

Time Was
Written by: Kathryn Murdock
In the “theater of the absurd” style, this play is about life, the stage, and finding oneself in the all-encompassing production of human life.

Written by: Kathryn Murdock
Relationships. Specifically the relationships between four women and the same man. One woman is his sister, one is a co-worker, two are lovers and each lives in her “partition” relative to him, until, at the end, the relationships have evolved. How we seem to shut ourselves off from each other, keeping separate from each other in our own “partitions.”

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The Production Team

Barbara Williams Director

The Cast

Greta Hyrciw
Michael Berlin
Shannon Quinn
Pam Fornesi
Rob Hedges
Dianna Collett