Bullshot Crummond

Directed by Debi Durst

October 9 to October 25, 2015

The 8th production of the 2015 Season

Written by: Ron House, Alan Shearman, Diz White, John Neville Andrews, Derek Cunningham
Based on: an idea by Ron House and Diz White

This parody of 1930’s low-budget grade “B” detective movies typifies British heroism at its dumbest. The production derives its humor from the audacious attempt to transpose effects normally reserved for films to the stage. Teutonic villain Otto von Brunno and his evil mistress crash their plane in the English countryside and kidnap Professor Fenton, who has discovered a formula for making synthetic diamonds. Bullshot Crummond is called to the rescue, so crazy antics and intrigue ensue!

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The Production Team

Debi Durst Director
Shannon Quinn Stage Manager
Barbara Williams Producer
Sharon Martinez Costume Designer
Annette Abunda Assistant Costume Designer
Jay Crawford Prop Designer
Denise Crawford Prop Designer
Christie Crawford Prop Designer
Carson Duper Lighting Designer
Jared Alexander Sound Designer
Jon Cain Board Operator
Tara Cain Board Operator
Henry Sellenthin Set Designer
Gary Smith Set Construction
Mike Calderaro Set Construction

The Cast

John Gaunt Hugh "Bullshot" Crummond
Dianna Collett Miss Rosemary Fenton
John Szabo Otto Von Brunno & Salvatore Scalicio
Nancy Martin Lenya Von Brunno
Dominic Falletti Algy Longwort
& Professor Rupert Fenton
& A Waiter at the Carlton
& A Country Policeman
& Inspector Scabbard of Scotland Yard
& Wolfgang Schmidt
& Marovitch