Out of This World

Directed by Sarah Lodick

May 8 to May 24, 2015

The 5th production of the 2015 Season

Music and Lyrics by: Cole Porter
Original Book by: Dwight Taylor and Reginald Lawrence
Revised Book by: Greg MacKellan
Based on: the ancient Greek comedy Amphitryon by Plautus

Flirtations and trickery, midnight trysts and celestial parties – it’s a saucy farce about Roman Gods and Hollywood movie types on the prowl in 1950s Athens! The gods Jupiter and Mercury are in search of some entertainment away from Mount Olympus and focus their attention on a young bride, Helen and her husband, Art. While Jupiter is busy chasing Helen, the goddess Juno (Jupiter’s wife) decides to play some games of her own. Throw into the mix: Isadora St. John, a syndicated gossip columnist who is out hunting for her next biggest scoop, and Chloe, a young American girl living in Athens for the summer providing a love interest for Mercury…and the result? You’ll have to join us to find out! This show contains mature themes.

Out of This World contains the classical music and lyrics of Cole Porter, but with an updated twist by the Bay Area’s own Greg MacKellan. This musical comedy features a wonderful score packed with delightful songs such as “I Jupiter, I Rex,” “Where, Oh, Where?,” “I Sleep Easier Now,” and “From This Moment On.”

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The Production Team

Sarah Lodick Director
Kevin Scott Music Director
Morgan Dayley Choreographer
Mike Meadors Assistant Director
Mae Linh Fatum Co-Stage Manager
Lindsay Kelliher Co-Stage Manager
Pauline Harris Greek Language Coach
Gary Smith Set Designer & Builder
Mel Bratz Set Painter
Carson Duper Lighting Designer
Miranda Steinberg Assistant Lighting Designer
Michael Lodick Sound Designer
Jennifer Gough Costume Designer
Adriana Martinez Costume Supervisor
Marc Berman, Seduction Make-up Make-up Designer
Gary Pugh Newman Producer

The Cast

Mauricio Suarez Mercury, Messenger to the Gods
Adam Claybaugh Jupiter, Emperor of the Sky
Mae Linh Fatum Diana, Goddess of the Hunt/Anthea
Stephen Kanaski Apollo, God of the Sun & Song
Miranda Steinberg Fortuna, Goddess of Luck/Leda
Cosette Claybaugh Flora, Goddess of Flowers/Marika
Lisa Claybaugh Proserpina, Goddess of the Underworld
Tamara Blair Ceres, Goddess of Farming & Agriculture
Mike Fatum Mars, God of War
Jeremy Judge Bacchus, God of Wine/Strephon
Camille Lake Minerva, Goddess of Reason & Enlightenment
David Mack Vulcan, God of Fire & Metalworking
Adriana Martinez Night, Goddess of Celestial Night/Toula
Cathryn Imperato Venus, Goddess of Love
Deborah Joves Juno, Empress of all the Heavens
Aidan Saunders Peacock/Faun
Eva Imperato Peacock/Faun
Marc Berman Harry
Jennifer Gough Helen Vance
Laura Warner Isadora St. John
Joseph Alvarado Art O'Malley
Sarah Velichko Chloe Antanopolis
John Hanson Pit Singer