Dad Fought Hitler, the Bottle, and Me

Directed by Mick Berry

February 20 to March 8, 1998

The 1st production of the 1998 Season

Written by Mick Berry

Coupled with those of his father, San Francisco stand-up comedian Mick Berry has a lot of war stories to tell. In this one-man show, Berry explores his relationship to his veteran dad, the late Sgt. Berry, while touching the hearts of those that lived during WWII. Dad Fought Hitler was commissioned in 1996 by the Motherlode Stage Company in Loomis, CA. Berry’s father is described as a “flamboyant , hard-drinking, womanizing World War II Veteran” who spent one year as a POW in Nazi captivity. The monologue spans 50 years of father-son dialogue, includes Sgt. Berry’s writings, and ends in an ultimately profound understanding between the two men.

The Production Team

Mick Berry

The Cast

Mick Berry