Directed by Joyce Perkins

November 20 to December 12, 1998

The 7th production of the 1998 Season

A PSP Revue

Every time we put together a new show, we naturally remember shows of the past. When pulling props for the new show, we find the log from Pinocchio, the huge turkey from A Christmas Carol, and all that confetti from The Fantastiks. Likewise, going through the costume racks brings other shows to mind, like the poodle skirts from Grease, the tin, duct tape, and funnel from The Wizard of Oz, and the one and only goose costume from Babes in Toyland. Then after the memories comes the “I hope some day we can do…[this show]…” Put this all together and you’ve got the setting for Places!

The Production Team

Joyce Perkins Director
Paulette Magee Assistant Director
Rosaleen Nardi Trinca Choreographer
Stephanie Epps Accompanist
Brian Perkins Stage Manager

The Cast

Joe Barros
Dianna Collett
Janiece Droncelet
Caroline Futrell
Roger Genereux
Glenda Glayzer
Kris Gowen
David Hatunen
Daniel Kats
Marcia Lau
Jack Magee
Steven Mattes
John Pantoleon
Kathy Pantoleon
Linda Randall
Yaro Jane Severn
Kathy Wall
Rita Wolf
Sterling Wolf