The Lion in Winter

Directed by David Guilmette

July 31 to August 22, 1998

The 5th production of the 1998 Season

Written by: James Goldman

King Henry II has four sons, the eldest recently dead, and a new heir to the throne must be selected from the remaining: Richard, Geoffrey and John. King Henry favors the youngest and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, the eldest, and each has his own ambitions. The language is brilliant; few since Shakespeare have written such a truly comic repartee. Goldman carves syllables as pleasantly as he does hides.

The Production Team

David Guilmette Director
Janie Deovlet Stage Manager
Candy Plato Costume Designer
Joyce Perkins Prop Designer
Rick Deovlet Special Effects Designer
Tara Shea Board Operator
Jim Fithian Architectural Set Design
Jack Magee Set Construction
Joe Guilmette Set Construction
Pat Flagiello Scenic Art Designer
Hunter Gilliam Scenic Artist
Michelle Simmons Scenic Artist
Matt McCombs Scenic Artist
Muriel Watkin Set Decor
Dotie Chenier Set Decor

The Cast

Tom Baxley King Henry Plantagenet
Kim Rapson Princess Alais Capet
Jeffrey Kafer Richard Coeur De Lion
Charles Meany Geoffrey Count of Britanny
Sean Harrold John Lackland
Caroline Ford Queen Eleanor of Acquitaine
Connor Kerrigan King Philip Capet