A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley

Directed by Cathy Fithian

December 5 to December 21, 2003

The 6th production of the 2003 Season

Written by: Israel Horovitz
Adapted from: Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Once again the classic Dickens tale is told of the miser who, in one night, with ghostly assistance, finds the true meaning of Christmas. This production is guaranteed to please even the crabbiest (Bah Humbug!) family members. Join in the fun! Sing Christmas carols, drink grog and cider, and watch as the ghostly magic transforms us all. A wonderful way to celebrate the season of giving.

The Production Team

Cathy Fithian Director
Hunter Gilliam Production Manager
Candy Plato Costume Designer
Pamela Ciochetti Dialect Coach
Rick Deovlet Special FX Designer
Peter Van Scherpe Sound Designer
David Guilmette Voice Over Recording
Mary Sheilds Prop Designer
Ruth Mattes Board Operator
Steve Sasso Board Opeartor
Robert Emerson Set Designer and Construction
Jim Fithian Set Construction
David Guilmette Set Construction
Kevin Wm. Meyer Set Construction
Lennon Smith Set Construction
Kevin Kelly Set Construction

The Cast

Rich Dymer Ebeneezer Scrooge
Roger Genereux Jacob Marley
Sarah Glynn Ghost of Christmas Past
David Guilmette Ghost of Christmas Present, Old Joe
Benjamin Cooper Ghost of Christmas Future, Dick
Steven Mattes/Connor Kerrigan Young Man Scrooge, Fred
Nik Robalino Young Scrooge, Ghoul
Harold Hutchinson Bob Crachit
Jenni Galli Mrs. Crachit, Elizabeth, Belle
Chelsea Glynn Tiny Tim
Katherine Aiello-Coppola Mary Crachit
Julia Hankin Belinda Crachit, Fan
Tyler Oakley Christopher Crachit, Ghoul
Kathleen Sasso Martha Crachit
Scotty Sweet Peter Crachit, Adam
Candy Plato Charwoman, Mrs. Fezziwig
Robert Emerson Businessman, Ghoul
Kevin Wm. Meyer Businessman, Ghoul
Warren Whitlark Businessman, Ghoul
Elizabeth Aiello-Coppola Ensemble
Reilly Gifford Ensemble
Amira Hankin Ensemble
Eileen Kanengeiser |Ensemble
Ariana Olivares Ensemble
Stephanie Olivares Ensemble
Myla Stephenson Ensemble