Drop Dead!

Directed by Hunter Gilliam

June 6 to June 29, 2003

The 3rd production of the 2003 Season

Written by: Billy van Zandt and Jane Milmore

This campy cult comedy features a group of pathetic has-been actors who attempt to revive their careers in this potboiler mystery. During dress rehearsal, things go awry as the set falls down, props break, and the producer and other actors are mysteriously murdered. If that wasn’t enough, during the opening night performance the murders continue. The remaining thespians must save the show and their own careers while trying to solve the mystery and stay alive until curtain call in this riotous ensemble comedy.

The Production Team

Hunter Gilliam Director
Jessica Hontalas Stage Manager
Marisa "Hank" Davis Backstage Manager
Candy Plato Costume Designer & Set Decor
Bry'n Campbell Make-up Designer
Eric Ribeiro Prop Designer & Set Decor
Rick Deovlet Special FX Designer
Dave Guilmette Voice Over Recording
Michelle Gilliam Lighting Designer & Set Construction
Natalie Rose Make-up Assistant
Levi Morris Board Operator & Set Construction
Sterling Wolf Board Operator
Mike Keating Backstage Crew & Set Construction
Larry Lefcourt Set Designer
Connie Schlobohm Scenic Artist
Eve Lefcourt Set Construction
Hank Davis Set Construction
Gabby Aguinaldo Set Construction
Lennon Smith Set Construction
George Mauro Set Construction
Sydney Clark Set Construction
Sterling Wolf Set Construction

The Cast

Jonathan Ferro Phillip, the Stage Manager
Connor Kerrigan Chaz Looney, the Apprentice Actor
Timothy Palcic Brent Reynolds, the Method Actor
Bill Pickering Sol Weisenheimer, the Producer
Bethany Dudley Candy Apples, the Ex-Porno Star
Bobby Berger Dick Shalit, Gene Shalit's Brother
Simon Kaplan Victor LePewe, the Director
Terri M. Yee Mona Monet, the TV Star
Sandy Rouge Constance Crawford, the Old Stage Star
Rita Wolf Alabama Miller, the playwright