Earth and Sky

Directed by David Guilmette

August 15 to September 7, 2003

The 4th production of the 2003 Season

Written by: Douglas Post

A would be poet and part-time librarian discovers her lover of ten weeks dead one hot August morning in Chicago. She begins an investigation that takes her deep into the seedy labyrinth of the urban underworld. This “film noire on stage” is full of devious U-turns, a genuine cop thriller with corner-of-the-mouth Chandler/Hammet style dialogue that will pull you right off the edge of your seat.

The Production Team

David Guilmette Director
Kevin Wm. Meyer Scenic Director
Rick Deovlet Audio System Engineer
Candy Plato Costume Designer
Steven Mattes Board Operator
Sean Cullinane Light Crew
Kevin Cullinane Light Crew

The Cast

Danielle A. Perata Sara McKeon
Timothy Palcic David Ames
Sean Cullinane Al Kersnowski
Kevin Wm. Meyer H.E. Weber
Deborah Joves Joyce Lazlo
Connor Kerrigan Billy Hart
Sandy Rouge Marie Defaria
Andrey Tarnarutskiy Carl Eisenstadt
Andrew R. Shaw Julius Gatz