Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

Directed by Lennon Smith

March 28 to April 19, 2003

The 2nd production of the 2003 Season

Written by: Alan Ball

The story takes place during an ostentatious wedding reception at a Knoxville, Tennessee estate, where five reluctant bridesmaids hide out in an upstairs bedroom, each with her own reason to avoid the proceedings below. As the afternoon wears one, these five very different women joyously discover a common bond in the wickedly funny, irreverent and touching celebration of the women’s spirit.

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The Production Team

Lennon Smith Director
Margaret Harris Stage Manager
Hunter Gilliam Production Manager
Rita Wolf Production Assistant
Levi Morris Technical Assistant
Sterling Wolf Prop Designer & Stage Crew
Candy Plato Costume Designer & Set Decor
Eric Ribiero Set Decor
Rick Deovlet Sound Designer
George Mauro Sound Designer & Set Construction
Michelle Gilliam Lighting Designer & Set Construction
Ed Read Light Crew
Mary DeLorenzo Light Crew & Set Construction
Chuck Danskin Set Designer
Jack Magee Set Construction
Kevin Kelly Set Construction
Pam Ciochetti Set Construction
Margaret Harris Set Construction
Marisa Davis Set Construction
Jan Lomuto Set Construction
Scott Daniel Set Construction
Mary Waterfield Set Construction
Sandy Rouge Set Construction
Karen Atkinson Set Construction
Yaro Severn Set Construction
Judy Martin Set Construction
Pam Fornesi Set Construction
Rosaleen Nardi Trinca Set Construction
Wendy Taylor Set Construction

The Cast

Yaro Severn Frances, a bridesmaid
Sandy Rouge Meredith, a bridesmaid
Mary DeLorenzo Trisha, a bridesmaid
Judy Martin Georgeanne, a bridesmaid
Wendy Taylor Mindy, a bridesmaid
Scott Daniel Tripp, an usher