2006 Season

Don Juan in Hell

Directed by Dave Sikula

February 10 to February 18, 2006

John, who imagines himself to be Don Juan languishing in hell, lectures everyone within earshot about the nature of heaven and hell, good and evil, man's purpose in life, and everything in between.

Enchanted April

Directed by Pamela Ciochetti

March 31 to April 23, 2006

Four women gain new insights to laughter, romance, and themselves during a month-long stay in an Italian villa in the 1920's.

Jake’s Women

Directed by Roger Generaux

June 2 to June 25, 2006

Jake, a novelist who faces a marital crisis by daydreaming about the women in his life: his dead first wife, his daughter, his bossy sister, an opinionated analyst, his current wife and a prospective third wife.

Home Front

Directed by David Guilmette

July 28 to August 27, 2006

The dilemma of a middle-class Texas family unable to comprehend and deal with the deep-seated disaffection of their Vietnam veteran son.

An Inspector Calls

Directed by Craig Cummins

September 22 to October 15, 2006

The wealthy Birling family's dinner is interrupted by a police inspector who brings news that a girl has died in suspicious circumstances. But who is the mysterious Inspector?

Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge

Directed by Dave Sikula

November 17 to December 17, 2006

What if Dickens' Mrs. Cratchit wasn't so goody-goody, but instead was an angry, stressed-out modern-day American woman who wanted out of this harsh London 1840s life?