Home Front

Directed by David Guilmette

July 28 to August 27, 2006

The 4th production of the 2006 Season

Written by: James Duff

In a comfortable suburban home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Bob and Maurine, a fairly well-off middle-aged couple, are living (apparently happily) with their daughter Karen, a graduate student, and their brooding son, Jeremy, who has recently returned from service in Vietnam. It is Thanksgiving Day, 1973, and they are furiously preparing for the imminent arrival of relatives for a family dinner. At first, everything seems normal, with Maurine fluttering about chattering nonstop and Bob trying to disguise the fact that he has been smoking a forbidden cigarette. But then, as Jeremy’s cutting ripostes become more sarcastic and venomous, the mood changes…This riveting drama blends comedy and tragedy as it illuminates the dilemma of a middle-class Texas family unable to comprehend and deal with the deep-seated disaffection of their Vietnam veteran son.

The Production Team

David Guilmette Director
Pamela Ciochetti Production Assistant
Candy Plato Costume Designer
David Guilmette Lighting and Sound Designer
Robert Emerson Set Designer

The Cast

Rich Dymer Bob
Cathy Fithian Maurine
Dianna Collett Karen
James Edward Bigelow Jeremy