Cry Havoc

Directed by Pamela Ciochetti

June 1 to June 24, 2007

The 3rd production of the 2007 Season

Written by: Allen Kenward

Nurses on Bataan during World War II are unexpectedly trapped in a battle zone. The individual characters emerge to offer their reaction to war: strong minded doctor, her restrained and poised assistant and the volunteer nurses: a vacuous Southern girl, a swaggering bully, a couple of timid aesthetes, an ex burlesque girl and the inevitable spy. A caustic and compelling commentary on the effects of war on ordinary human beings.

The Production Team

Pamela Ciochetti Director
Sharon Martinez Stage Manager
Adriana Martinez Asst. Stage Manager
Cindy Skelton Dramaturg
Candy Plato Costume Designer
Eric Ribeiro Prop Designer
Ed Read Lighting Designer
David Guilmette Sound Designer
Glenn Wold Board Operator
Robert Emmerson Set Designer
Alan Edmonson Set Construction
George Mauro Set Construction
Mike Calderaro Set Construction

The Cast

Jean Gildersleeve Doc
Kelli Donovan Smitty
Marianne Philipp Flo
Deborah Joves Pat
Kelly Rinehart Connie
Kristen Mager Steve
Jamie Mayne Sue
Adena DeMonte Andra
Katie Krueger Nydia
Erin Maxwell Helen
Jodi Becker Grace
Wendy Wood Sadie
Dave Martinez Voice of Japanese Soldier