The Prisoner of Second Avenue

Directed by Roger Genereux

August 3 to August 26, 2007

The 4th production of the 2007 Season

Written by Neil Simon

Mel Edison is a well-paid executive of a high-end Manhattan firm, which has suddenly hit the skids, and he gets the ax. His wife Edna takes a job to tide them over, so their roles are now reversed. Compounded by the air-pollution killing his plants, and with the walls of the apartment being paper-thin, allowing him a constant earfull of his neighbors private lives, things can’t seem to get any worse….or can they? This is a quintessential Simon comedy with a laugh a minute!

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The Production Team

Roger Genereux Director
Tyler Oakley Stage Manager
Candy Plato Costume Designer
Eric Ribeiro Prop Designer
Nik Robalino Lighting Designer
David Guilmette Sound Designer
Drew Vinson Board Operator
Shannon Buckley Stage Crew
Dirk Dieter Set Designer
Robert Emerson Set Construction
Alan Edmonson Set Construction
Rosaleen Nardi Trinca Set Construction
Randy Maynard Set Construction
Mike Calderaro Set Construction
Rosey Machado Set Construction
Laurie Frater Set Construction
Jimmy Clark Set Construction
Glenn Wold Set Construction

The Cast

Bill Tarran Mel Edison
Sandy Rouge Edna Edison
Kevin Wm. Meyer Harry Edison
Kathy Domenici Pearl
Melissa Flower Jessie
Pamela Fornesi Pauline