Coping Through Pain – A Stage2 Production

Directed by Elizabeth Fatum

March 19 to March 21, 2010

The 2nd production of the 2010 Season

Written by: Elizabeth Fatum

Self Injury, more commonly known as cutting, burning, and bruising, is a negative coping mechanism which has long been ignored due to the secrecy and shame surrounding the issue. The information and support available for those dealing with this issue is, at best, limited. This show is the story of one person’s journey. This is a story of hope and courage. No one should have to suffer in silence. This 40-minute show will be followed by a psychologist-led talkback.

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The Production Team

Elizabeth Fatum Director
Jared Alexander Stage Manager
Calvin Sharp Sound Designer
Ed Reid Lighting Designer
Mike Fatum, Broken Infinity Films Film
Lalique d'Bruzzi Vocal Performer
Agel Seeba-joyce Show Coordinator
David Acevedo Producer
Lennon Smith Producer

The Cast

Maggie de Vera Susan
Stephanie Rose Niemann Young Susan
Olando Graves II Erik
Shannon Quinn Mother
Kyeshia Arrington Jodie
Sterling Wolper Katie
Tina Braganza Meg
Valerie Demicheva Dr. Maitz
Gary Pugh Newman Receptionist