2014 Season

The Vagina Monologues – Fundraiser Show

Directed by Barbara Williams

February 14 to February 23, 2014

Written by Eve Ensler and first produced in 1996, this episodic production is a series of monologues focusing on women's empowerment and the female experience.

The Pirates of Penzance

Directed by Sarah Lodick

March 14 to April 6, 2014

A favorite Gilbert & Sullivan classic. Join Frederic and Mabel on their musical journey of love, loyalty, duty and, of most importantly... Pirates!

The Sugar Bean Sisters

Directed by Gary Pugh Newman

April 25 to May 18, 2014

A Southern Gothic comedy of romance, murder and alien abduction. The San Jose Mercury says: "Deliciously offbeat…Sisterhood as an extreme sport… It's just plum impossible to resist the flights of whimsy!"

Meet Me in St. Louis

Directed by Jenny Hernandez

August 15 to September 7, 2014

Based on the 1944 film of the same title, this wonderful musical follows a family living in St. Louis, Missouri on the eve of the 1904 World's Fair.

The Importance of Being Earnest

Directed by John Tranchitella

September 26 to October 19, 2014

Oscar Wilde's "Trivial Comedy for Serious People" was first performed in 1895 and has remained a classic favorite.

High Spirits

Directed by Henry Sellenthin

October 31 to November 23, 2014

Based on the play "Blithe Spirit" by Noël Coward, HIGH SPIRITS is "An Improbable Musical Comedy" about the woes of a widower and his second wife after the spirit of his first wife is summoned in a séance.